The Smoking Cube - Cocktail Smoker Gun and Display Board with Wood Chips

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Infuse your next craving with the Sigval Smoking Cube and Infuser Gun, whether it’s a cocktail on the rocks or a charcuterie display on a tray. Pull a smoked-whiskey from the cube using the door or remove the frame to display a table-ready appetizer on the cutting board. Whatever your mood and whoever your audience, be ready to smoke, impress, and enjoy. 

This set includes:

  • One Acrylic Smoking Box
  • Magnetically Detachable Bamboo Cutting Board
  • Smoke Infuser (Gun)
  • 3 Types of Smoke Wood Chips (Hickory, Cherry, and Oak)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James Sabino
Jimmy smoker

It came well pack everything works, I am enjoying using it.

Tracy M.
Great display

Smoking Old Fashioneds has been more fun with this product. We also tried smoking some cheese and salami and plan to try some other foods. Our only disappointment is that a large amount of smoke leaks out of the box while smoking… we wish it had a better seal.

Jr J
Elevate your cocktail party!

fun way to elevate your cocktails when hosting a party. also works to add a smoked flavor to your charcutier boards

Have a cooking show in your home!

I saw one of these on a cooking show and thought how cool it would be to smoke drinks, cheeses, etc!

Im so excited to get to make fancy drinks so easily!! I cant wait to experiment more!!

X IrAal
Great Cloche & Kit - Batteries fit Snug

You get a great kit here - the cloche alone is almost worth the price of admission.

The smoking gun works - it has a trigger switch that toggles on and off. No need to hold the trigger. The meshdoesnt appear easy to removea downside for extended use.