SIGVAL Shishka Rack - Beefy 7 Wide

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  • 3 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS - As far as kabob grills go, we designed this to maximize your options! Want a high-heat option? Go low-rider. Looking for a smokey, longer cook? Go higher. Or choose the flexible option in between to cook vegetables, corn, bread, churros - whatever you want!
  • STAINLESS KABOB RACK - Made of high-quality stainless steel, you'll enjoy this non-stick alternative for kabob grilling. This kabob grill rack will hold the grilling environment and still present well on the dining table.
  • UNIVERSAL SKEWERS STAND - Metal, flat, bamboo, wooden skewers all fit into this design - this skewer holder will fit whatever existing skewer set you may have.
  • FLEXIBLE TEETH - Load BBQ corn, small skewers, mushrooms, vegetables on the versatile kabob holder teeth, increasing your capacity to whatever you can pack on.
  • EXPANDABLE - Measuring under 13 inches, the Sigval Shiska-Rack will fit on most grills. Easily stacks, and can be expanded with two sets for an extra-large grilling surface. Easy to clean and pack away.