SIGVAL Shish Kabob Rack Stand

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3 Adjustable Heights

As far as kabob grills go, we designed this to maximize your options! Want a high-heat option? Go low-rider. Looking for a smokey, longer cook? Go higher. Or choose the flexible option in between to cook vegetables, corn, bread, churros - whatever you want!

Stainless Kabab Rack

Made of high-quality stainless steel, you'll enjoy this non-stick alternative for kabob grilling. This kabob grill rack will hold the grilling environment and still present well on the dining table.

Universal Skewers Stand

Metal, flat, bamboo, wooden skewers all fit into this design - this skewer holder will fit whatever existing skewer set you may have.

Flexable Teeth

Load BBQ corn, small skewers, mushrooms, vegetables on the versatile kabob holder teeth, increasing your capacity to whatever you can pack on.


Both the Classic and Beefy Sigval Shiska-Rack, will fit on most grills. Easily stacks, and can be expanded with two sets for an extra-large grilling surface. Easy to clean and pack away.